Thurley Fowler

Award-winning Australian children's author. She was born in New South Wales and as a child lived on a farm. From an early age loved both art and writing. One of her books - The Green Wind - won the 1986 Australian Children's Book of the Year Award, another one has been short-listed for the same award. Her books have covered a wide range of themes, some serious, some humourous. One of them is a light-hearted pony story about a non-horsy girl and her relationship with a characterful palomino named Butterfly.

Pony Books:

SUMMARY: The last thing Susan wanted for her birthday was a horse, especially one like Butterfly! Just because he was a palomino, everyone thought he was terrific. But Susan hated his silly name and the awful tricks he played on her. And even when she decides to sell Butterfly, he keeps coming back!

Collector's Info:
Do not have much info on the publishing history of the book so not sure if it was first published in Australia or the USA. The book seems to be a lot harder to find than the author's other titles. It can be found with a little effort in Australia and the UK but seems to be elusive in the USA.